About us

The blog that we are presenting to you is fully and completely dedicated to ophthalmological problems – i.e. everything connected with eyes and eyesight.

The project is sponsored and actually implemented by the global society of visually impaired people and the key aim to is reduce the number of incidence of the disease rate in this are to the lowest minimum possible.

Here you will find a lot of data regarding such well-known problems as glaucoma, cataract etc., however we will touch upon some simple recommendations what to do to avoid the impairment of your eyesight – i.e. how actually to sit in an armchair, what should be the optimal distance to the screen, which vitamins are best for the eyes, what to do with you myopia, like pros and cons of cosmetic eye surgery, hard and soft lenses etc.

To those who got interested, and want to join the global community and may be even to support our blog in any way, please follow the link, provided in the corresponding section and we will be glad to welcome a new member. Thank you.