Elk Meadow Farm & Nursery is located 3 miles outside Deary, Idaho and 20.5 miles from Moscow, Idaho (thats in the USA) in Latah County (off Pleasant Hill Road, off Gun Club Road, off Hwy 8) on 40 acres of mostly forested land. We hope you will enjoy the beautiful images of some of our pristine gardens.

Meditation Path 9-10-11

The meditation path was new at Elk Meadow Farm in 2011. I was cleaning up the backyard and as things go I received a brainstorm. We had all these extra plants because spring really was BAD (wet). We had started more than 23,000 plants from seed and plugs and hadnt sold all of them. As responsible farmer/caretakers we felt obligated to those plants. After all, we brought them into this world! We filled the path with wood shavings given to us by our local bowl turners wood turning/carving artisans, who sell their wares at the Moscow Farmers Market. I actually did make some time to sit on the little bench to the right of the path. More pictures later. Denice

Elk Meadow Farm & Nursery:

Grows and offers for sale, a wide variety of potted vegetable, herb, flower and shrub plant starts each spring. In addition, we offer a wide variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, culinary and medicinal herbs, cut and potted flowers, custom-grown bedding plants, potted trees and shrubs throughout the growing season.

We use earth-friendly Findhorn, Coleman and Permaculture agricultural methods and practices. These methods and practices are about using sustainable, chemical-free, organic soil improvements and treatments leading to healthy farm and forest ecology long term. We love tending to pampered/happy critters, earning a sustainable livelihood from our 40 acres of responsibly managed land as we teach others to do the same. We love teaching and sharing our talents and growing methods. We love gardening and farming as an outlet for our creative expression. One of our goals is to provide a diverse array of fresh organic produce nearly year-round

During our first year in production (2009) at Elk Meadow Farm we grew plants and produce for our local farmers markets. We manned our booth at the Moscow Food Co-op Tuesday Growers Market and every Saturday for 24 weeks at the Moscow Farmers Market. THAT was exhausting! In 2010 we cut back to just the Moscow Farmers Market but even that was tough for us. In addition to grading and planting an orchard, we had so many plants to take care of because the spring weather was so wonderfully wet we struggled (as farmers often do) to keep up. In the winter months we recuperate to do it all over again the next year.

U-Pick Farm Memberships: We currently do not have any memberships available for the 2014 growing season. Please check back with us next year. For more information click on farm memberships .

As usual, were excited for May and June when our first crops will planted. There were no gardens here when we moved in. The Batik irises were the first crop we planted. Weve expanded that bed/growing area to circle most of the way around our home-base (our home and Dr. Denices )

Denice and Michael at the Moscow Market 5-21-11
Batik Iris Patch in our back yard 6-24-11